Moment of honesty and transparency here. 

We were crazy busy with work, kids, home, and just life in general. I was surviving on coffee and dry shampoo. If I got a real shower it was after the kids were in bed, and it was creeping to the 11 o'clock hour. Too often I was putting off my own care until the weekend, when hubs could watch the kids. 

I was making a list for a Target run, and was about to add another can of dry shampoo. Suddenly I thought, "Why don't you just make more time to actually wash your hair?!" While dry shampoo is awesome, and has its place in every gym bag, it shouldn't have been my main means of getting through one more day.

How did I get to a place where chores and errands took precedence over my own care? How do I get out of survival mode?

As a veteran mom of two girls, I have learned one universal truth: whatever you are going through, there is someone else also dealing with the same issue. I'm not the only parent out there dealing with a crazy schedule, and running through life on caffeine fumes. 

I decided to share this, and to change some habits by practicing some basic self care activities. When I'm especially stressed out, I check myself. Have I eaten (a real meal)? Have I washed my face? How much sleep have I been getting? 

And I adjust accordingly. I'm asking for help more often. I feel like a real person again. 

I'm taking the month of March to practice self care, and have put together a free Self-Care Challenge packet for you too! Join me in taking back our care, because let's face it. Running on empty is the pits, and is no way to live. 

How do you take time for yourself? Share with us in the comments! Also look for more self-care tips on the Living Heart Doula Facebook page (