Sometimes you meet a new friend, share a deep love of Outlander, and you find out she has a really cool business! Meet Hannah of Pin It Up Acupuncture! 

Hannah is a local business owner, and mother of two. She's located in Sykesville, MD. 

Hannah is a local business owner, and mother of two. She's located in Sykesville, MD. 

How did you discover acupuncture?

I had a horse that was rearing. It was getting dangerous. I spent a year trying to figure out why and how to help him. I knew he was in pain but that was it.

A friend’s horse, that was a lunatic, was calm one day. I asked what she did, and her reply was Acupuncture. I snarfed at it, but I had tried everything else. We tried it for 6 weeks. In the middle of a New England winter. Horse was clipped and standing in cross ties. After the first needle his head dropped so low I had to pull off the ties. His head was between his knees, eyes closed, lip flapping open, and drooling by the end of it.

I figure that was not a placebo reaction and there must be something to this.

Fast forward to college, I’m planning to major in theoretical physics, but quickly figured out I would not want to work in a lab of any kind.

So I google practical application for quantum physics and acupuncture came up.

Further research and it seemed like the best of both worlds. Ground breaking research that has centuries behind it and so much to do to explain why it works; I would have a large variety of work to choose from as the field expands.

Plus it combined 2 things I liked to do: help people, and work with theoretical physics.

So now I’m licensed to treat people and animals and really enjoying it.


What benefits can you expect from an acupuncture session?

Acupuncture is really  phenomenal. Short answer is it does everything. More generalized answer is you will feel much calmer and serene after a treatment. You will be able to focus better and see things more clearly.

Acupuncture is just a tool used to remind your body how to be well. If there is a place where things are getting stuck, the acupuncturist will diagnosis through a series of tools we use, and the pins will go in to coax the body into its intended rhythm rather
than its upset one.

Stress can manifest itself as physical pain. Like migraines. Acupuncture will address the need for the energy, also called qi, to move, while I will help draw attention to things that could be causing the stress as well as ways to maintain your body post acupuncture.

How can acupuncture help during pregnancy? Labor?

Acupuncture is great for conception. So far I have 100% success rate for women wanting to get pregnant. And all of them had either been struggling with it or already doing alternative methods to conceive.

During pregnancy regular acupuncture treatments can ease morning sickness, back pain, knee pain and it can help with that strange mind fog that sets in.

Regular treatments can also help ease hormone spikes that can cause some crazy out bursts of emotions.

Acupuncture can also help turn a breech baby without being invasive. It’s all kind of amazing!

Pregnancy during labor was the best. I used 2mm long pins on adhesive tape and applied them to points used to induce labor. I had my water break early. We kept him in a few weeks longer, then on week 34 we planned to deliver. So I set myself up the night before, and when morning came I was 3cm dilated but 10am. He was out by 12:15 with only 15 minutes of that being active labor.

These pins also help to allow the sinews to stretch during birth and cause far less pain. I had him naturally, but he was also quite small

Where can we find you for a session?
I’m located at Coreworks in Columbia, as well as Merritt Athletic Club in Eldersburg. You can check our weekly schedule at

 I’m a member of Sykesville Wellness Group, and will be helping people to navigate to their needed wellness provider. You can find us at the Sykesville Farmers Market. 

You can follow Hannah on Facebook at