So what will my doula do at my birth?


I will encourage you.

I will come as soon as you need me. Day or night.

I will remind you of what you felt was important in your birth plan.

I will help you modify those plans when's thing change.

I will massage your shoulders and back.

I will show your partner how to do a hip squeeze when you have back labor.

I will help you find positions that will help you feel comfortable.

I will heat up rice packs and keep ice packs on standby.  

I will feed you and your partner. You guys have to stay nourished.

I will bring essential oils if you'd like them. Peppermint is great for nausea.

I will bring a bag of tricks and a birthing ball. That ball is the best thing ever.

I will support where you want to birth.

I will politely but firmly ask for another nurse if you have Atila the Hun on shift at the hospital.

I will remind you that you can do this when things get tough. Because you already are!


Birth is hard work, but you can do it!


 I will help you with everything I have, because families deserve to be supported and loved on.


This is what I want Living Heart Doula to be about.

This is my pledge to you, as your doula.

You got this mama.

You got this mama.